Cautions for use of SVF products Ver.9.2 in Java 8 environment

If you use SVFX-Designer Ver. 9.2, SVF Web Designer Ver. 9.2 or SVF Java Output Engine Products Ver. 9.2 in a Java 8 Environment, please be advised of the following.

 <Cautions for incompatibility with Java 8>

Since the JDBC-ODBC bridge has been abandoned in Java 8, you cannot create or execute query form files that specify an ODBC driver.
Use a JDBC driver that can be used in a Java 8 environment.

 <Cautions for Oracle Java 8 performance>

In our comparative performance evaluation of Java 7 and Java 8 in the same environment, we confirmed the following points regarding a switch from Java 7 to Java 8, when using Oracle Java 8 64-bit in an Intel Xeon E3 or older generation environment.

- In both Windows and Linux environments, the processing time for DotPrinter models is not constant.
- In Window environments, ART4/LIPS4 models for graphic mode forms have a constant processing time but the performance is lowered.

Regarding the issues above, we have confirmed that they do not occur when using Oracle Java 8 64-bit in an Intel Xeon E5 or E7 environment, or when using Oracle Java 8 32-bit in an Intel Xeon E3 or older generation environment.

We continue to engage in joint inquiries and evaluations with Oracle.
This FAQ will be continually updated, as we confirm the causes or fixes for issues.

See an appendix in the following FAQ for the measurement results of Oracle Java 7 and Oracle Java 8 in the Intel Xeon E3, Intel Xeon E5, and Intel Xeon E7 environments we examined in our performance evaluation.

Performance evaluation of SVF Ver.9.2 products with Oracle Java8

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 See the following for combinations of OS and versions of our products that allow use of Java 8.
  Which versions of Java VM are supported?

(Updated on December 17th, 2015)