Cannot update due to error "Please enter a value" occurred.

<Error Message>
Please enter a value: Field Name

This error occurs when either of the following applies.
1. You tried to add or update a field with blank, that is set as a required field in Salesforce.
2. Internal key is not specified for fields that are set for lookup relationship or master-detail relationship.

    Fields set for lookup relationships or master-detail relationship have the internal key called Object ID in Salesforce.
    If the Object ID is not specified, this error may occur.

[How to Avoid the Error]
Check whether the required field is left blank, and what is entered in the field.
When the error occurs in a field specified as a lookup relationship or master-detail relationship, please use either of the following methods.

  • Specifying with Select from List
    1. Click Select from List.
    2. Select the value to specify.
    3. Click the OK button.

  • Entering value directory in the displayed Object ID field
    1. Uncheck Hide for the target Object ID.
    * Fields whose data type is “reference” are Object ID fields.


    2. Enter Object ID and value for the selected field.
    * If you do not know Object ID, you can specify with Select from List.


(Update on May 24th, 2016)